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What We Do

For those of you who have suffered with Neuropathy and/or chronic joint pain, it may seem that there is no relief in sight for your discomfort and pain. At Rejuv Medical we believe in promoting bodily healing from within using our Stem Cell Signaling© treatment. We understand you may not know much about Regenerative Medicine, and our staff will gladly explain how it may benefit you. For Neuropathy and chronic joint pain, our Stem Cell Signaling© therapy and treatment may provide the pain relief and healing that your body needs. Our stem cell therapy may be an option, if you aren’t a candidate for, or aren’t interested in surgery or oral pain medications. Depending on your condition, we will inject cells into the affected area to try to help your body naturally fight inflammation.

If you’re looking for an effective way to treat your chronic pain, or want to learn how Regenerative Medicine may help with Neuropathy or chronic joint pain, please contact our clinic.

Today, the most forward thinking doctors are using stem cell and cell signaling therapies in the treatment of a wide array of medical diseases, degeneration and traumas. Presently, due to the high success rate, the use of Cell Signaling is becoming the preferred treatment with medical doctors, pain specialists and podiatrists to reduce or eliminate the symptoms associated with Neuropathy and Chronic Joint Pain. Cell Signaling has been proven to regenerate nerves. Stem Cell Signaling® is widely becoming the regenerative treatment of choice as the most noninvasive highly successful aide in helping the body heal itself without drugs or surgery.

Presenting Rejuv Medical’s most exciting and promising treatment for Neuropathy and Chronic Joint Pain available today. Our physicians have successfully combined two of the most successful treatments in the field of Neuropathy and Chronic Joint Pain. The high success rate of Cell Signaling and Stem Cells are now leading the way in successful Neuropathy treatment and Chronic Joint Pain. Introducing Stem Cell Signaling®.

Have you been diagnosed with neuropathy? Perhaps you are looking for a better way to manage and treat this condition without narcotics, surgery or lasers.

It is important for you to understand more about what a diagnosis of neuropathy means, its effects on your body, how it can be treated and what new technologies are available to assist your body in regenerating nerves, mitigating pain and inflammation and ultimately improving your quality of life.


Approximately 40 million Americans are affected by peripheral neuropathy. Neuropathy is a condition in which the peripheral nerves (the nerves in your body, aside from your spinal cord and brain) are damaged and/or not working correctly. Neuropathic pain is characterized by pain, tingling and numbness in the feet and lower legs, balance problems and a variety of uncomfortable feelings. It can be quite debilitating, and affects more than 10% of the population. Diabetes is the leading cause of peripheral neuropathy.

Here is a breakdown of Peripheral Neuropathy Causes

  • Diabetes – an estimated 29.1 million Americans have Diabetes. 60-70% of those diabetics have PN (<b>1</b>) or 20 million diabetics have (DPN). Undermanaged DPN is the #1 cause of lower limb amputations. Nearly 54,000 diabetics have amputations each year. 75% of amputations are preventable. (1)
  • Idiopathic – 23% of patients have an unknown origin of PN (1). It occurs mostly in middle age and elderly patients.
  • Chemotherapy – 30-40% of all cancer patients have Chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy (CIN)(3) or 10% of all PN. (1)
  • HIV/Aids – One third of HIV/AIDS suffer from PN (1). These people account for 2% of all PN.
  • Other – causes account for 5% of all PN (1).
  • Other: Immune System Disorders – Guillian-Barré, Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy (CIDP), Charcot-Marie Tooth disease, Celiac disease, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Shingles (1).


Diagnosing Peripheral Neuropathy

Most often, a doctor can diagnose peripheral neuropathy based on the description of your symptoms along with a neurological examination. Sometimes nerve conduction studies are performed and can support the diagnosis. We perform ENFD biopsies which have been found to have 88.4% sensitivity in detection of peripheral neuropathy compared to 54.6% for a clinical exam alone. ENFD is widely considered to be the “Gold Standard” in the detection of peripheral neuropathy.


Rejuv Medical has developed a safe and effective treatment for patients who suffer from any form of acute and chronic pain, including peripheral neuropathy. The clinic protocol consists of comprehensive Stem Cell Signaling© treatment advanced electronic technology, referred to as SEA Synaptic® Electronic Activation, and stem cells.

This medical device is much more advanced than common electro-stimulator devices (TENS units) and operates with such a high degree of sophistication that nerves are not able to either accommodate to or “learn” the delivered bioelectric signal patterns; therefore, the nerves do not regress to being non-responsive. We are signaling nerve cells with electronic impulses at specific frequencies to regenerate the nerves. More traditional technologies end up smothering the nerves with high electrical voltage or drugs, which have side effects. We avoid all of these issues with our quantum biology technology. We also utilize complementary therapies to improve our patients’ nutrition, decrease their inflammation, increase physical fitness and create life changing integrative wellness. In a vast majority of cases these techniques enable the nerve cells to heal and regenerate for long lasting effects. This allows our patients an increased quality of life.

Although the treatment is a process which must be done over several weeks, many of our patients who have been suffering from neuropathy have enjoyed significant improvement. . Many have discontinued use of any walking aids, begun meaningful exercise, and have reduced or stopped taking pain medications. Many are sleeping better, walking much better by seeing balance problems go away, and are realizing amazing improvements in their quality of life. We are here to help YOU get back to the life you once knew. We have reduced our patients pain significantly and helped improve their health to live active lives doing what they most want to do.

One patient claims “After receiving this treatment I no longer suffer from sleep problems due to leg pain and my mobility and overall quality of life has improved greatly.”

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