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Lose weight and develop healthy eating habits the natural way

Our methods

Good Nutrition

The typical diet programs out there put all the burden on you, causing you to fail and make excuses every time something goes wrong. Our programs help you understand what “healthy” means to you so you can make better eating decisions everyday.

Right Information

We believe in the power of food and want you to know that you can gain control over your eating habits and live a healthier life. You’ll get personalized nutrition recommendations and a weight loss plan that considers everything from your BMI to any food allergies you might have.

Behaviour Changes

Slow and steady wins the race. That’s how our goal-oriented programs approach weight loss. We walk you through a program based on creating healthy habits that stick long after you finish your time with us so that eating well feels easy for the rest of your life.

What makes us different

Weight loss is more than counting calories and macros—but it’s also not as simple as “just eat real food.” As one of the best weight loss clinics in Louisville, KY, we believe a healthy relationship with food is crucial to unleashing yourself from extreme diets.

We offer programs designed to help you find what works best for YOUR body. Our team believes that when you feel good about yourself, it shows.

How it works

1. Get a functional medicine screening: We’ll look for health problems that may be contributing to your weight issues, like food intolerances or hormone imbalance. We’ll also test for digestive and metabolic problems.

2. Undergo systemic detoxification: This step gives you a clean start when it comes to digesting and metabolizing your new diet, as well as helping you manage stress in a way that supports health and weight loss.

3. Receive a customized health program: Here, you will learn how to embrace more healthful nutrition. That ranges from learning how to grocery shop, balancing your meals without a calculator or list of forbidden items, and introducing new flavors that taste great but can also be healthy.

Get continued support

As part of our holistic approach, you’ll get personalized health and wellness support. This means we’ll continue to assist you even after you’ve reached your weight loss goals. That’s because we believe your health should be a lifestyle, not a finish line.

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Pay just $89 for your first Contour Light® consult session

Normally $249 for a single session, pay only $89 for your first Contour Light® session and initial measurements before your Contour Light® treatment. In addition, we will include the add-ons of the face mask treatment and a vibration plate session as well to get you off to a good start.*

*First-time customers only.
Normal price is $249 for a single session.